established-home “Established Homes” picture of established homes

Homes that have been around for 5 years or more are considered “established” or “mature” homes. Over the years, insects and other pests have been able to multiply and spread into these tranquil neighborhoods. These established homes have their own unique pest problems, some of the more common issues are found below: (Picture depicting each issue)

pest-in-corner Dependable life source- The older your home is, the more time pests have had to find nesting sites, entrances, and food and water sources.
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  • Neglect- Often, established homes have not been treated on a regular basis and can become the nuisance of an entire neighborhood. Because these homes are untreated they become a large nesting site that spreads to other homes.
    1. will eventually be damaged from rodents and other bugs.
    2. could become a health concern due to diseases and allergens carried by some rodents and insects.
    3. will attract neighboring pests because there are no defensive barriers, causing the home to become an even bigger target.
super-bug-sign Pest resistance- If a prior pest control company did not occasionally alternate chemicals, pests can develop a resistance and become harder to manage.
Jeanne Sarna • 2 years ago This photo was take of my son, Silas, and our hound, Milo. I made the child cape and hat and the dog coat and hat. They made the perfect Sherlock and Watson! Improper inspection- If your home has been treated in the past and you are still seeing pests it could also be caused by inexperienced service technicians that have misdiagnosed your specific issue.

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