Land being levelled and cleared by yellow earth moving digger Clearing land and ground breaking- As land is cleared and digging commences, pests are uprooted and on the lookout for a new home.
building-material Building materials- There are two ways building materials contribute to local pest problems:

  • As building materials are delivered, they often carry pests from storage warehouses.
  • Storage materials are deposited next to cleared land and brush piles. As fleeing pests seek shelter, they often find it in the very material that will be used to build your home.
frame-construction Frame construction- The frame of a new house provides a new living space for pests and it is common to find them in those areas.
interior-walls Interior and exterior walls- As walls are erected, they trap pests in wall voids creating nesting sites.
pest control for new construction in Oklahoma City Neighborhood construction- The continual development surrounding your home stirs up even more pests and as they seek shelter, your home becomes an even bigger target.
construction-complete-image Construction complete- New homeowners are often surprised to discover that they weren’t the first ones to move in- pests have already made themselves at home and will continue to be a nuisance until properly treated.