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Educational Facilities Pest Control

Pest Defense Solutions prides itself in helping other Oklahoma City businesses stay pest free. We know that pests and rodents are the last thing you and your employees want to deal with during your busy work day. Your employees deserve to work worry free. Get the best pest control Oklahoma City company to treat your pest control in a hospitalbuildings and office space, call us today for more information.

No Pests Are Good Pests

We understand that the presence of unwanted critters can demoralize your staff and decrease productivity. In retail settings, we know the damage that pests can have on your bottom line. By regularly inspecting, monitoring and servicing your establishment, Pest Defense Solutions OKC can provide peace of mind and promptly eliminate any pest issues.

Our commercial pest control treatments work in all types of businesses such as warehouse, office space, retail space and many other types of businesses. We also service residential homes as well with all of our pest control services, your home or business will be safe from all the insects, we guarantee it

Question: What makes office and retail spaces susceptible to pest infestations?


Sometimes there is a lack of interest or a lack of understanding about pest issues among busy employees. Many professionals are too busy to consider conditions that are conducive to pest infestations, or they have no interest in handling a pest issue. In a setting with many personnel, pest issues may go unreported or complaints may not be passed effectively to those who are responsible for solving the problem.

The design of office and retail spaces varies widely, but most possess many construction features that allow for the easy entry and continued harborage of pests. For example, many buildings have drop ceilings that act as a superhighway for pests. Bugs and rodents, roaches and mice can move about unhindered and unnoticed. Drop ceilings can also have duct work or openings which make the application of insecticides impractical.

Apartment Pest Control

apartment pest control from the premier pest control company in OKC, Pest Defense Solutions OKCNothing can ruin your reputation faster than a bad review about pest problems. If tenants are forced to live with roaches, rats, mice or bed bugs, they won’t stay long and they won’t recommend their friends. At Pest Defense Solutions OKC, we wouldn’t want to live with uninvited guests either. We have families, and we can relate to your tenants. Protect your reputation and make your clients happy by calling Pest Defense Solutions to exterminate all pests throughout your apartment community.

How do we do it?

Your tenants want to know they are being taken care of and that their hard-earned money is well spent. At our pest control company we monitor and service apartments on a regular basis, and your customers will see that. With our exceptional customer service, we help your tenants understand what they can do to minimize pest issues. We listen to their concerns. We take the time to inspect every room in which problems are reported and we do not wait- problems are promptly exterminated.

Apartment Pest Control in Oklahoma

When we treat, we take the time to do a thorough job. When we service your apartment community, our technicians are paid hourly, and are thus incentivized to spend MORE time doing what they came to do- get rid of your pests. Our service is NEVER a race from unit to unit. Your tenants will feel like we actually did something when we enter their home for a treatment. We guarantee it.

Question: What can my residents do to minimize pest problems in my apartment community?

Answer: Your tenants can implement some of the following practices:

  • Keep a clean apartment.
  • Get rid of all unnecessary clutter because “stuff” provides harborage (hiding) places for pests.pest control in a hospital
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly. Wash and dry dishes soon after meals, and minimize food spills and moisture in the kitchen.
  • Keep trash in a trash can with a tight fitting lid and frequently remove trash from the apartment.
  • Fix any leaks or moisture sources in the apartment.
  • Sweep and vacuum frequently to minimize food particles, especially if children and pets reside in the apartment.
  • Be careful about staying in hotels where bed bugs may be present. Also, stay vigilant for bed bugs so that the problem can be addressed quickly before it becomes a large infestation.
  • Report all pest problems to the office immediately when they are discovered.

Call us today at 405-972-5222 for a customized quote that will address your community’s unique needs. If you would like to learn about our other pest control services then you need to visit our site, you will be glad that you did. We have a variety of services that we know your home or business will need.

Combine Apartment pest control Oklahoma City with your place of residence and save! Company wide discounts are also available for all employees.