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Pigeon and Bird Pest Control

Some Pigeons are a nuisance in Oklahoma City. They were first introduced into the United States as domesticated birds, but some escaped and formed feral populations. They have invaded Oklahoma, and are found throughout the city in both residential and industrial settings.

oklahoma-city-pigeon-serviceThese populations have continued to rely on humans for food and shelter in almost all urban environments. Pigeons will eat a wide variety of food, including trash, making them an extremely adaptable and hardy species.

Many pigeons prefer large, flat roofed buildings in which to roost, so they are very common in commercial and industrial environments. Pigeon feces can cause costly damage to commercial buildings. Feces not only significantly damages roofing, but it can affect building siding and signage.

Pest Defense Solutions offers a commercial pigeon baiting program and pest control system that is designed to scare pigeon flocks away from your facility. We offer one-time and routine baiting programs aimed at removing the pigeons, and keeping them away.

Pigeons are found throughout Oklahoma’s residential neighborhoods, particularly in the newer developments around town. Many home owners come to us in desperation because they “have tried everything” to get rid of their pigeon problem, and have failed.

Delaying action is not advisable, as pigeon feces can damage your roof and the exterior finish of your home. Not only does pigeon feces damage your home, pigeon noise is also a common complaint that can cause sleepless nights. Pigeons can also attract mites and fleas, thus leading to other pest problems.

Fighting pigeons on your own rarely works. Gimmicky techniques such as mounting owls on your roof are almost always ineffective with pigeons. Make the decision to hire a professional before it is too late.

Eliminate the frustration and hire Pest Defense Solutions to use proven techniques to rid your home of pigeons. We offer a baiting program designed to scare them off of your entire roof. When a problem exists in a small area, such as on a decorative ledge, we have an effective option designed to exclude the pigeons from the area.

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Pet Waste Removal

Cleaning up after your pet is a hassle- we can take care of it for you. Besides the smell, pet waste is also a constant source of food for insects, a health risk for pets, and it can destroy your lawn.

  • Cockroaches, beetles, crickets and grubs are often coprophagous- meaning they eat feces.
  • These same insects, along with birds, rodents, frogs, snakes, and lizards can host a parasite called Physalopteraspp– a stomach worm that can cause serious infections.
  • Pet waste contains high levels of nitrogen that kills grass. These yellow or “burnt” spots will usually require new sod or reseeding in the general area.

Benefits of pet waste removal:

  • keeps your pets healthier
  • saves you time by not having to do the dirty work
  • eliminates a food source for bugs
  • protects your lawn
  • and keeps the air (and your shoes) cleaner

Our once or twice a week services are designed to make you and your pets happy. Pest Defense Solutions has the most professional and effective poop scoop service in the Oklahoma City area. Link: Call now for information about our low rates and services. We cover the following locations for pet waste removal:

Oklahoma City





Del City




Office and Retail Pest Control

Pest Defense Solutions prides itself in helping other Oklahoma City businesses stay pest free. We know Pest Defense Solutions OKC can treat your office and retail space for insects.that pests and rodents are the last thing you and your employees want to deal with during your busy work day. Your employees deserve to work worry free. Get the best office and retail pest control in Oklahoma City to treat your buildings and office space, call us today for more information.

No Pests Are Good Pests

We understand that the presence of unwanted critters can demoralize your staff and decrease productivity. In retail settings, we know the damage that pests can have on your bottom line. By regularly inspecting, monitoring and servicing your establishment, Pest Defense Solutions can provide peace of mind and promptly eliminate any pest issues.

Question: What makes office and retail spaces susceptible to pest infestations?


  • Sometimes there is a lack of interest or a lack of understanding about pest issues among busy employees. Many professionals are too busy to consider conditions that are conducive to pest infestations, or they have no interest in handling a pest issue. In a setting with many personnel, pest issues may go unreported or complaints may not be passed effectively to those who are responsible for solving the problem.
  • The design of office and retail spaces varies widely, but most possess many construction features that allow for the easy entry and continued harborage of pests. For example, many buildings have drop ceilings that act as a superhighway for pests. Bugs and rodents, roaches and mice can move about unhindered and unnoticed. Drop ceilings can also have duct work or openings which make the application of insecticides impractical. Offices often have many doorways and widows through which pests can enter. If employees, customers, or delivery personnel leave these open, pests can enter unhindered, and even if an insecticide barrier has been applied, they may be able to cross the barrier before they die.
  • Electrical and plumbing lines can create a vast network in which pests can travel and reproduce. As each line penetrates a wall, there is oftentimes a gap through which they can pass. This makes regular maintenance services essential to the mitigation of a problem before it spreads to another part of the building.
  • Office plants are common in office in retail spaces, and they can attract pests if they are not properly watered or maintained. Over-watering can allow flies and evenmosquitoes to reproduce and thrive indoors.okc-retail-pest-control
  • Employees can create conducive conditions around their personal work space. They oftentimes store food that can attract pests in their desks, and an unclean work space can also provide conductive conditions for bugs and rodents.
  • Break rooms often contain ample amounts of employee “stuff” and food. If they aren’t kept clean and orderly, these areas can be hotbeds for pest activity.

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We will work with you to ensure that employees and customers don’t have to think about pests.

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Combine Office and Retail pest control with your place of residence and save! Company wide discounts are also available for all employees.

Hospitality and Hotel Pest Control

“Sleep tight…Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”


Are you concerned with an ongoing battle with pests cutting into your bottom line? Has your in-house maintenance staff failed to eliminate a problem? You’re not the only one with these concerns. You need the best hotel and hospitality pest control in Oklahoma City area, and you will get that from Pest Defense Solutions OKC.

Here to Help

We are here to help. Hotels and similar facilities offering overnight accommodations pose a unique threat to your customers and your establishment. Because pests hide in clothes and luggage, they are transferred easily to hotels making them highly susceptible to bug and pest infestations. Thankfully, Pest Defense Solutions is up to the challenge.

Hospitality Pests in Oklahoma

Here are a few things to think about when dealing with hospitality pests in Oklahoma:

  • Everything a pest needs to survive and thrive is located in a hospitality facility: water, food, shelter, and warmth.
  • Hospitality facilities are highly transient with regard to the movement of people. Guests, hotel employees, and delivery personnel move frequently in and out of rooms and buildings, and all people and their personal belongings have the potential to transfer hitchhiking pests between locales. Guests can come from anywhere in the world, and from a variety of environments, which can greatly contribute to the importance of being proactive in a regular pest control program.
  • Not only do pests hitchhike into facilities, but they enter guest and common rooms via traditional means, such as entering from the exterior through doorways, vents, windows, etc. Pests can then migrate between neighboring rooms through ”migration routes” such as duct work, electrical pathways, and plumbing lines. Hospitality facilities are highly interconnected buildings that contribute to easy movement of pests.
  • Housekeeping staff can contribute to the movement of pests in a variety ways. Pests, especially bed bugs and fleas, can be picked up in a vacuum and be spread throughout a building during the course of regular cleaning. Staff can unwittingly transfer pests on a service cart as they move from room to room. Dirty linens can serve as a mobile harborage site. Because of this, it is important that staff be trained in how to minimize this transfer by doing things such as bagging the laundry.

Full Service extermination company

Pest Defense Solutions OKC is a full service extermination company that can handle your unique needs. We will work with you to develop a preventative program that can minimize infestations. If infestations exist, we


will apply sound control techniques to efficiently and effectively rid your hotel of pests.

Bed Bugs, Rodents or Other Pests

Whether you need help with occasional bed bug treatments, ongoing preventative services, or rodent infestations, we can offer a unique solution to meet your needs. We have many other pest control services that your home or business may need. We will work with you to develop a joint-effort strategy that will employ communication between us and your staff.

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Combine hospitality pest control with your place of residence and save! Company wide discounts are also available for all employees.

Healthcare Pest Control

Healthcare facilities are designed to be clean and sanitary- don’t let insects and other pests destroy your reputation or cause other health concerns with patients. It is essential to have proper pest management in the healthcare industry. At Pest Defense Solutions, we keep you and your patients in mind with our okc-retail-pest-controlodorless and colorless treatments and services. All the chemicals we use are EPA approved and provide maximum results with minimum exposure. We also work with you at your discretion, to avoid unwanted attention. Call now to start protecting your facility and your patients.

Spread Disease

Did you know that a seemingly innocent little ant crawling through your facility has the potential to spread diseases in an extremely effective manner? Have you ever considered the impact that a rodent infestation could have on your operations?

Let us work with you to protect your facility and patients from unwanted pests. Whether it is a hospital, an outpatient clinic, or a medical billing office, we have you covered. With your input, we will develop a program that balances the need for a low impact, yet effective service.

Integrated Pest Management

What is the solution to treating pests in sensitive areas? Integrated pest management (IPM) is a method of pest control where pesticides are used as a last resort. In IPM, we rely on inspection, monitoring, and communication with clients to develop a plan to alter those conditions at a facility that would be conducive pest control in a hospitalto pest infestations.

For example, if a dirty and damp mop is found in a janitor’s closet, we might suggest removing the mop, or at least cleaning it and letting it dry properly. This simple step could remove a potential harborage site for a pest, and it would allow us to apply less insecticide.

Changes in Protocol

At times we may recommend a change to your standard operating procedures in order to more effectively manage pests. It may be necessary to alter the environment in a way that would discourage pest activity, then pesticide products with minimal impact would be selected for use, and they would only be applied sparingly in key areas.

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Combine healthcare pest control with your place of residence and save! Company wide discounts are also available for all employees.